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Ayurveda Academy

of Yoga in Daily Life

An international educational association situated in Vienna, Austria, Europe. 

Our aim is to convey the knowledge of Ayurveda pure and clear.

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About Ayurveda Academy of Yoga in Daily Life

All our lecturers are Vaidyas (Ayurvedic Doctors) and have good teaching experience. The collaboration with the BSDT Ayurveda college Vishwashantidam Wagholi, Pune, Maharashtra guarantees the high quality of the education.

Both students who want to understand their own nature better as well as those who would like to work professionally in the field of health care including wellness will profit from the authentic first-hand training.

The authenticity of our Ayurveda training is represented through the patronage of H.H.Mahamandaleshwar Paramhans Swami Maheshwaranandaji. Swamiji is recognized as one of the few outstanding masters of Yoga. He is founder of the internationally renowned scientific system “Yoga in Daily Life

The Scientific Director of the Academy is Univ.-Prof. Dr. S.P. Sardeshmukhji. He is the Director of the Ayurveda College, The Director of the Ayurvedic Hospital & Reserch Centre and the Director of the Atharva Ayurved Pharmaceuticals in Wagholi, Pune, India