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Audit process report

Because of the pandemic measures, our final interviews took place by means of a Zoom meeting. On November 31, 2020, the course participants from 7 different nations met in front of Dr. Sushrut Sardeshmukh, our lecturer, who presented the following subjects: Chikitsa, Panchakarma, Rasayana, Kaphadosha and childhood, Aahara/prevent and heal imbalances, Rutucharya, Dinacharya, Sapta Dhatu, Aahara/simple homeremedies, Nidan Pariksha.

It was a common repetition of the material learned, during which everyone had the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the basic course. The whole course was completed with a certificate from the Ayurveda Academy of Yoga in Daily Life in cooperation with the BSDT Ayurveda College. The latter provides quality control and provides the legitimization to offer further trainings at our academy.

2020 10 31 ayurveda group