Establishment Celebration of the
AYURVEDA ACADEMY of Yoga in Daily Life®




The Great visionairs and Rishis from the Himalaya gave us the knowledge of life. They gave us the wisdom of life itself.

Ayurveda regards body, mind and soul as one inseparable unit. The ayurvedic health concept not only contains preventive methods but also the understanding that every human has a unique constitution which must be regarded in case of an imbalance.

Yoga and Ayurveda are both integral components of the larger vedic knowledge. Together they combine to produce a holistic discipline which allows people to live healthy, vital and creative lives thereby allowing them to fulfill their Dharma, ones true divine task in life.

His holyness VISWAGURU MAHAMANDALESHWAR PARAMHANS SWAMI MAHESHWARANANDA (SWAMIJI) has enriched the system Yoga in Daily Life® by yet another treasure of India’s great tradition and create the AYURVEDA ACADEMY of Yoga in Daily Life®. The knowledge of a long healthy life is authentically taught by certified Professors and Vaidyas.

The scientific director of the academy is PROF.DR. S.P. SARDESHMUKH, Director of the Ayurveda hospital & Research Centre in Wagholi, Puna, Ayurveda Parangat Ph.D.(ayurved).






The opening ceremony took place in presence of his Excellence Dr. Sheel Kant Sharma, embassador of the republic of India as well as the initiators and invited guests.