2005 class

International Class
Ayurveda Academy Training

The 2005 class module A: "Basic concepts of Ayurveda" took place from 16th of April till 30th of April at the Mahaprabhudeep Ashram in Strilky, Czech Republic. Here you can read a personal report from Emily Mettheys, who joined the Ayurveda Training as our UK representative:

" I flew from London Stanstead straight into Brno airport, about an hours taxi ride into Strilky and was warmly greeted on arrival at the ashram. I was awestruck by the beautiful castle that I was about to spend the next two weeks in – getting lost I thought at one point, as I wondered if I would ever find my way around!

The next morning, over a wonderful breakfast outside in the beautiful surroundings of the park I had the chance to meet the other representatives and organizers of the academy. There were several of us, all from different European countries and we had the chance to introduce ourselves and discuss the exciting Ayurveda programme which we were about to take part in. We were also joined by one of the teachers of our course Dr. Deshmukhji, who had just flown in from India and we had an insight of what the next few weeks was going to entail. We had a lot to fit in!

The rest of the day was spent settling in, meeting the rest of the students and for me, getting to know my way around! The course was to begin the next day.

An optional 5am start to the day, began with an hour mediation in the beautiful room named ‘Khatu’, followed by a hour or two of individual asana practice. Breakfast at 8am and our first lecture was to start at 9am.

We had a 3 hour lecture in the mornings. A powerpoint presentation was projected from the computer on to the wall at the front of the class and we were also given manuals as a guide. Our lecturers had microphones which made it easy to hear amongst the various translations going on in the class. I wondered at first if it would be possible to concentrate with people translating in the background, but the ear soon gets accustomed to it! After our lunch break lectures resumed again at 2pm until 4pm, when we had a half hour tea break and we were given a much needed cup of Chai and a home baked cookies!
The afternoon lecture was spent either learning massage techniques or cooking ayurvedic recipes. (and then eating them!)

6pm we gathered in the dining room for our final meal of the day. The food was delicious. At every meal we were presented with a wonderful selection of wholesome vegetarian food, chutneys, spices, fresh fruit and herbal teas.
The hard work and love that was put into the preparation and cooking of our meals was obvious by the way everything tasted.

After our evening meal there was the option to attend Satsang, watch spiritual and Ayurveda related videos, or just to relax. Every evening at 9pm we had the optional chance to try out some Ayurvedic practices included in the Dinacharya (daily regime in Ayurveda) such as of Shiro Ptchu (application of oil to the head) face massage, Steam inhalation and Nasya (nasal oil drops). I was particularly amazed by the results of this practice. I often find I am nasally congested and after a few days of steaming and drops of oil I felt completely clear headed!

Ayurveda is a fascinating and complicated subject. We were lucky enough to be learning this ancient science from two experienced and highly knowledgeable doctors from India, and this also afforded us an insight of how the original practice works directly from its roots.

The course was well structured and organized, and extremely supportive. It was intense in terms of having to learn new subjects every day and re-train your mind to try and absorb so much information, but the tranquil environment of the Ashram and its location gave it the perfect foundation.

I certainly look back at my two weeks at the Ashram as a profound one which has made a lasting impression on me. It was exciting to be able to learn a new subject and the experience was equally educating in terms of personal growth. Everything flowed harmoniously and smoothly. This was all made possible by Rampuri and Muktamani, who blessed us all with their full support and kindness throughout the time we were there. Our two wonderful Indian doctors dedicated themselves to making our lectures and learning process interesting and fun. Their presence on the course injected the vibrancy of Indian culture and they were both a great inspiration to us all. They helped us to understand the complex and nature of Ayurveda and to respect this fascinating ancient science."